Andrew Cornelia appointed to lead the new Mercedes-Benz charging network in North America -Christopher Trainor responsible for finance

Andrew Cornelia appointed as CEO of Mercedes-Benz HPC North America, LLC.
 Christopher Trainor appointed as Chief Financial Officer of the new unit
 Mercedes-Benz HPC North America aims to build more than 2,500 high-power chargers in North
Stuttgart, Germany. Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG announced today the appointments of two top-level
executives of Mercedes-Benz HPC North America, LLC: Andrew Cornelia as President and Chief Executive
Officer, and Christopher Trainor as Chief Financial Officer, both effective in June 2023.
In their new roles, Andrew and Christopher will be responsible for the launch and operations of the
Mercedes-Benz charging network in the U.S. and Canada. Mercedes-Benz HPC North America aims to open
approximately 400 charging stations comprising more than 2,500 high-power chargers to customers of all EV
brands throughout North America by the end of this decade. Andrew and Christopher will also be recruiting,
leading and empowering a new team of employees who will be dedicated to executing the company’s North
American ambitions.
“As we continue to move forward with the implementation of our global Mercedes-Benz high-power charging
network, I am excited that Andrew and Chris will join us in leading these efforts. Besides many years of
experience in this area, Andrew brings to the role a leading vision and a strong sense of purpose for realizing
the rapid transition to carbon-neutral transportation. Paired with Chris’ deep experience in the automotive
and finance industries, we have a winning combination to begin effectively expanding North America’s
charging infrastructure. And we will do it with the unmistakable commitment to quality and customer
experience of the Mercedes-Benz brand.”
Franz Reiner, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG
Andrew Cornelia brings over a decade of experience in electric mobility and charging, and has played a pivotal
role in shaping and advancing EV charging infrastructure across the US and globally. At Tesla, he led Strategic
Finance for the global charging network, influencing its launch, rapid growth, and move towards open access
standards. More recently, he was the executive leading Corporate Strategy and Development at Volta
Charging, where he helped pioneer an innovative model that redefined the boundaries of both the EV charging
business, as well as the EV driver experience.
“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to launch and lead the Mercedes-Benz high-power charging network in
North America. With our inaugural charging hubs set to open by year’s end, we aim to redefine the charging
experience by channeling the renowned quality, reputation, and driver focus that Mercedes-Benz has
embodied for well over a century.”
Andrew Cornelia, CEO of Mercedes-Benz HPC North America
Christopher Trainor has more than 30 years of experience in corporate finance, including various senior
leadership roles at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA. He joined the Chrysler group in 1994 and has been
with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA since 2002.
Mercedes-Benz HPC North America is responsible for the development and operation of the Mercedes-Benz
high-power charging network in North America, helping realize the next, essential step forward in Mercedes-
Benz’s electrification strategy: Expansion of the overall North American EV charging map to help propel EV
adoption to the next levels. The company is part of the Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG family of companies, the
financial and mobility services division of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.