Mercedes-Benz puts the electric small vans to the road:Sales launch for the EQT and the eCitan

Mercedes-Benz completes its all-electric van portfolio. With today’s sales release for
the EQT small vans (combined power consumption (WLTP): 18.99 kWh/100 km; CO 2 emissions combined
WLTP): 0 g/km)1 and eCitan, one battery-electric vehicle is available from each series of Mercedes-Benz
Vans. Mercedes-Benz has thus set an important example for the locally CO 2-emission-free transport of the
future and reached another important milestone.
The new EQT from Mercedes-EQ offers families and leisure-active people an attractive entry into the all-
electric world of the brand with the three-pointed star. The electric small van can now be ordered in
its compact length. Among other things, the van is equipped with a 90 kW electric motor, two sliding doors,
the MBUX infotainment system and numerous safety and assistance systems. At fast-charging stations, the
45 kWh battery with the installed 80 kW DC charger2 can be loaded from 10 to 80 percent (state of charge)3
within 38 minutes. The range is 282 kilometres (WLTP)1. Considering to the black panel grille with central star
and dynamically designed cooling fins, the new EQT is immediately recognizable as a member of the
Mercedes EQ family. The electric small van combines compact exterior dimensions with a large amount of
space. Thanks to the protected, centre-of-gravity and space-saving installation of the battery in
the underbody, it offers almost the same variability and functionality in the interior as the
conventionally powered T-Class. The EQT is 4,498 millimeters long, 1,859 millimeters wide and
1,819 millimeters high. A variant with a long wheelbase will follow.

With the introduction of a new offer logic, customers will be able to get their new vehicle with the three-
pointed star even more easily and quickly in the future. Depending on their preference and
regional requirements, they can choose between three preconfigured equipment packages, which bundle
functional options that are often ordered in combination. Moreover, thanks to the significantly
upgraded standard equipment, they can be sure that they will receive an attractive vehicle right from the
start. In addition, among other things, the Winter Package and the Navigation Package are available.
Furthermore, additional features, such as a trailer hitch, can also be added individually in the future.
In terms of price, the EQT starts at 49,444.50 euros (Price in Germany incl. 19% VAT) in
the Advanced Plus equipment package. Moreover, the vehicle is available with
the Premium or Premium Plus equipment packages. These represent an attractive offer, among other things
with a selection of various additional optical features and connectivity services.
In the commercially positioned sector, the eCitan can now be ordered as a panel van in two lengths of
4,498 mm as a compact version and 4,922 mm in the long version. As a tourer (power consumption combined:
19.16 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km1) for commercial passenger transport, it will initially be
available in the “Compact” length, the long version will be released at a later date, as well as a Mixto variant.
Depending on the type, the range is between 280-284 kilometres1 according to WLTP. This means that it
meets the needs of commercial users who frequently use small van models as couriers, shuttles
and delivery vans in urban areas.
The 45 kWh battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent (state of charge)3 within 38 minutes with the
optionally installed 80 kW DC chargerFehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.. Big plus: The load volume and payload are
comparable to those of the conventionally powered Citan models. In the case of the compact panel van, it is
2.9 cubic meters and up to 544 kilograms, in the long-wheelbase version 3.62 cubic meters and up to 722
In terms of price, the eCitan starts at 36,220 euros for commercial customers (Price in Germany excl. VAT) for
the compact model as a panel van. The starting price for the long version is 37,740 euros (Price in Germany
excl. VAT). The commercially oriented eCitan Tourer starts at 39,750 euros (Price in Germany excl. VAT).
Both the EQT and the eCitan include a four-year maintenance package, which covers the costs
of maintenance work in accordance with the service booklet and manufacturer’s specifications during this
period, as well as the Mercedes-Benz battery certificate for up to 160,000 kilometres or eight years