Ontario launches trucker training program

To help fill thousands of job vacancies in the trucking industry, the Ontario government is investing in a trucker training program where participants receive up to $1,000 for transportation and childcare reimbursement and a $400 weekly allowance.

The program will accept over 50 participants that are “women, newcomers and others from underrepresented groups.”

“This innovative program will help break down barriers to attract more women into the trucking industry,” said Premier Doug Ford, who leads the Progressive Conservative party.

“As we build Ontario, we’re going to need all hands on deck. That’s why our government is working hard to ensure that all skilled occupations are more accessible and welcoming for women and all under-represented groups.”

In Ontario, women account for just 2% of the trucking labour force.

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, 32% of truck drivers in Canada are 55 years or older compared to 21.8% of the entire Canadian labour force, so the industry needs more workers as older truckers retire.

The province of Ontario is investing $1.3 million in the initiative. Participants will receive 200 hours of free training.