Lafarge Canada Leads With Electrified Truck Fleet

What’s Happening

Lafarge Canada has achieved a notable breakthrough in its sustainability endeavors, embarking on a path to net-zero emissions. The company announced the introduction of an all-electric work truck fleet, developed in partnership with North American electric vehicle provider, Vicinity Motor Corp. (“VMC”). This move will lead to substantial reductions in on-site scope 1 emissions.

Why It Matters

The electrification of Lafarge Canada’s truck fleet is a significant stride towards greener operations. As the first North American member of the Holcim Group to implement all-electric trucks, Lafarge Canada is creating a benchmark for sustainable practices within the region. This innovation is made possible through a collaboration with VMC and Pioneer Automotive Group. Together, they’ve filled a market void with a purpose-built, all-electric industrial vehicle – the VMC 1200. This vehicle is specifically designed to function efficiently in aggregates and production sites, demonstrating a new sustainability benchmark for transportation within the construction materials sector.

Key Points

  • Lafarge Canada is integrating two all-electic VMC trucks into its British Columbia aggregates and ready-mix operations, signifying a critical shift towards environmentally conscious transportation solutions.
  • As the company expands its fleet, more VMC models are projected to be included by 2024.
  • Each VMC 1200 truck is anticipated to reduce annual on-site transportation emissions by 6,200 tonnes of CO2.

Bottom Line

Senior Vice President of Lafarge Canada BC Market, Lincoln Kyne, lauds the initiative, particularly its collaboration with Vicinity Motor Corporation. The joint venture is positioned to shape the design of new models for their various business lines in the future. Lafarge Canada (West) CEO, Brad Kohl, echoes Kyne’s sentiment, emphasizing the dual benefits of cost savings and emissions reduction from this initiative.

Vicinity Motor Corp. CEO, William Trainer, shares in the enthusiasm for the partnership, underscoring its potential to advance sustainable transportation and carbon emissions reduction in the Canadian building solutions sector.

The electrification of Lafarge Canada’s truck fleet showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability in the construction industry. It represents an instrumental leap towards the company’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions and promoting green growth.