Torc Robotics teams up with Uber Freight

Torc Robotics — an independent Daimler Truck subsidiary that’s developing autonomous vehicles –announced a strategic partnership with Uber Freight.

Through this agreement, Torc will leverage Uber Freight’s logistics network, representing US$18 billion in active freight under management and more than 100,000 digitally enabled carriers, to unlock insights and learnings regarding the future deployment of autonomous trucks.

Uber Freight’s marketplace and insights will be used to inform Torc’s autonomous freight network design and expansion strategy, the companies say. These insights include which lanes are optimal for deployment, how to prioritize the rollout of lanes and various on-dock deliveries, balancing supply and demand across supply chains with autonomous trucks, and the management of autonomous loads with transfer hubs.

Uber Freight is also a longstanding member of Torc’s Autonomous Advisory Council (TAAC), a council comprised of freight industry players who provide strategic guidance to Torc. This includes Schneider, C.R. England, Penske, and Ryder, as well as Torc’s majority stakeholder, Daimler Truck.

“As we have always said, collaboration in the autonomous trucking industry is paramount to the technology’s deployment at scale. Our partnership with Uber Freight is a prime example of how working together with industry players will ensure the technology is integrated seamlessly, safely, and efficiently,” said Peter Vaughan Schmidt, Torc’s CEO.

Data and insights

“This partnership is a natural expansion of our initial working relationship through TAAC, and leveraging Uber Freight’s data and insights will help our mission to commercialize autonomous trucks at scale by 2027.”

“Torc is a proven pioneer in autonomous trucking, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with them on the road ahead,” added Lior Ron, Uber Freight founder and CEO.

“We firmly believe that by collaborating with partners early on, we are helping incorporate the important voices of shippers and carriers across the Uber Freight network and shaping the future of freight with autonomous trucks. In partnering with Torc, we’re able to provide a leader in this space with rich insights regarding how goods move, which in turn will result not only in more access to safer autonomous trucks, but ultimately build more reliable and efficient supply chains.”