Syngenta Canada adds electric trucks to logistics transportation fleet

Syngenta is the first agricultural company in Canada to add electric trucks to its logistics transportation fleet.

The company announced Jan. 18 that a fleet of electric trucks will be delivering crop protection and seed products with zero CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions in 2024. Syngenta Canada is working in collaboration with supply chain partner Future Transfer, and will debut three electric trucks in southern Ontario this year.

“By adding electric trucks to our logistics transportation fleet, Syngenta Canada will reduce CO2e emissions by approximately 25,000 kilograms each year. This is equal to removing eight passenger vehicles from the road,” Jose Nucci, Syngenta Canada’s head of production and supply, said in a release.

Electric trucks significantly reduce CO2e emissions, and when compared to diesel, provide upwards of 90 per cent reduction, the company said in a release.

The distribution of crop protection and seed products using electric trucks will begin in 2024 with routes departing from Future Transfer’s Tillsonburg, Ontario sites.

Syngenta Canada President Trevor Heck said in the release adding electric trucks to the company’s fleet is one of the ways the company is working towards Syngenta Group’s global target of 38 per cent emissions reduction by 2030.