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New England Motor Freight inks deal for new Canadian partnership
Posted on Saturday, January 12 @ 18:26:24 CET by Admin

Truckstop Canada News:
ELIZABETH, N.J. -- New England Motor Freight (NEMF) has partnered with Toronto-based Concord Transportation to handle its freight headed for Canadian destinations.

Under the terms of the agreement, Concord will receive NEMF freight in Chicago for delivery to Western Canada, in Toronto for Ontario deliveries, and in Montreal for shipments to Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

“By utilizing our team service over the road from our Chicago gateway, Concord will provide significant transit improvements to Western Canada over NEMF’s previous service partner,” stated Rick Brooks, Concord’s senior vice-president of sales. “NEMF will continue to operate their existing facilities in Toronto and Montreal. As well, both members of the partnership will benefit from the complete integration of our IT components to offer seamless connectivity and optimum service levels to our customers.”

To complete the exchange Concord freight destined for the Northeast United States will flow through NEMF.

Courtesy of Today's Trucking

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New England Motor Freight inks deal for new Canadian partnership

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