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Crash with 14 semis shuts Trans-Canada near Kenora
Truckstop Canada News:

A massive crash involving 14 semi-trailers shut down a section of the Trans-Canada Highway near Kenora, Ont. on Thursday.

The highway was closed in northwestern Ontario between Kenora and Vermillion Bay starting around 2 a.m., and one lane of traffic was reopened before noon

According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), black ice caused two semis to collide near Nixon Lake at about 1 a.m. That led to a chain reaction on the dark, twisting patch of road.

Damage to some of the trucks is extensive but there are only minor injuries, police said, adding that no passenger vehicles were involved.

The OPP say all the semis were loaded and it will likely take some time before the highway reopens.

Drivers were advised to take Highway 71 east of Kenora as an alternate route.

Source: CBC NEWS

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SPECIAL REPORT: Former Arrow driver now officially ‘missing’
Truckstop Canada News:

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2010 – A missing persons report was filed last night by the family of John M. Eischens Jr. of Mabank, TX, a former Arrow driver.

The family reportedly has not heard from the trucker since before Christmas, when the Tulsa-based motor carrier suddenly shut down operations and stranded nearly a thousand drivers on the road.

As volunteers were trying to locate those drivers and get them home or to a safe place, the driver of truck number 6325 emerged “unaccounted for.” After two weeks, he remains missing.

According to Iowa driver Eric Mende, a volunteer working to help stranded drivers, Qualcomm reported no activity on the truck that Eischens was driving for Arrow. Mende said the “last ping was to a tower in the Butte, MT, area.” Mende began calling truck stops in the area and that’s how he found truck number 6325 abandoned at the Pilot in Butte, with keys in it.

Mende told Land Line Magazine that he asked the Pilot security guard to check the lot. The guard found the Arrow truck and reported that the driver’s belongings were gone. The guard told Mende the truck had been there since Dec. 25. There was no sign of Eischens.

Volunteers who have talked to Eischens’ family in Texas report that his mother is worried that he’s not contacted them for several weeks and “it’s not like him to fail to call on Christmas.”

Det. Steve Williams of the Anna Police Department told Land Line that the report was filed last night and going “into the system” Wednesday morning. Williams said because it was a new investigation, details were not available.

If anyone has information on whereabouts of Eischens, please call Det. Williams of the Anna, TX, Police Department. The office phone is 972-924-2848; after 5 p.m. calls will be handled by dispatch at 972-547-5350.

 – By Sandi Soendker, managing editor
Courtesy of LandLine Magazine
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Workhorse II Web-based Compliance Software Program
Truckstop Canada News:

Kansas City, MO (Jan. 4, 2010 ): Craig Safety Technologies announces the release of Workhorse II, their web-based risk management and compliance program designed to assist businesses with OSHA and DOT compliance, according to Brenda Craig, president. “Workhorse II offers a variety of features that helps businesses efficiently manage risk and compliance of state and national laws for a wide variety of industries,” says Craig.

Proprietary Workhorse II is subscription-based online and paperless software that allows the tracking of assets, their repair and maintenance scheduling and costs, personnel, accidents, injuries and compliance to regulations. Workhorse II is delivered via a network and assists in managing critical employee data that includes pre-employment requirements, driving history, and dates for commercial driver license renewals.

 “The benefits of Workhorse II include lowering worker compensation claims, reduction of equipment maintenance expenses, eliminating risks of fines due to missing critical due dates and updates with OSHA and DOT , reducing liability exposure, better utilization of employees and equipment, increase productivity, and enabling ‘green’ technology,” adds Craig. (State here how it benefits the specific industry.)

The Workhorse II upgrade builds on its predecessor program with the addition of three new modules including Safety Management, Risk Management, and Workers Compensation, which compliment the two basic modules, Employee Management, and Asset Management. 

The Safety Management module provides users with the capability to create and maintain OSHA written programs within their system, easily retrieved or transferred by appropriate managers. The Risk Management module allows users to create forms, obtain toolbox talks,  audits, and track certificates of insurance. The Workers Compensation module can track accidents or incidents and near misses, while monitoring related activities or claims, and integrating with business intelligence software aimed at future loss prevention. The Employee Management module tracks employee demographics, driver qualification files, and training requirements. The Asset Management module captures detailed information on equipment, licenses and tags, preventive maintenance/service records, and can provide email reports.

“Workhorse II offers all users the benefit of one centralized location with multiple departments and responsibilities, thus resulting in more accurate and efficient information sharing and greater transparency between individuals, departments, and organizations…thus create one safe workforce with everyone on this web based system.” adds Craig.

Craig Safety Technologies is based in Kansas City, Missouri and was founded in 1998 as an occupational safety and health consulting firm. It has provided OSHA and DOT safety compliance services and products and on-line training to over 300 businesses in a variety of industries. Craig Safety Technologies can serve as an outsource Safety Director or augment an in house safety program with their professional safety team. Craig offers online employee safety courses for OSHA and DOT, which will integrate with Workhorse II for tracking and setting up scheduled classes.

Craig Safety Technologies is a WBE (Woman Owned Business Enterprise). The web address is For more information, contact Brenda Craig at (888) 257-0124 or

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DriveSmartBC - Requesting Disclosure
Truckstop Canada News:
I'm always amazed at the amount of poorly qualified or outright incorrect information on the web when I search for traffic enforcement related information. One popular topic that seems especially mistreated is disclosure of the Crown's evidence prior to trial. The authors of the articles would have you believe that you should ask for everything, including the brand of ink in the officer's pen, and when any of it is refused the ticket will automatically be dismissed.

If you are considering a ticket dispute, you may choose to write to the officer who issued the ticket and request disclosure. Do this at the same time that you enter your dispute so that there is plenty of time for the officer to comply. This way if you have any questions after receiving disclosure you will have time to ask for clarification before the trial date.

If you simply request disclosure, you will receive a synopsis of the evidence that the officer will be presenting during the trial. You may request specific disclosure for information about the officer's qualifications, what kind of speed measuring instrument was used or for a copy of any evidence that will be presented, such as photos, videos or witness statements. The court will support all reasonably justified requests.

Photocopies of copyrighted material such as the radar operation manual will be refused, although you could expect to attend to the detachment and view a copy to make notes from. Copies of all tickets the officer issued that day and the outcome of any trials related to them, servicing records for the police vehicle, reports of all disciplinary actions against the officer or other such requests will not be upheld by the court.

Would you like reliable advice on the preparation of your dispute? Consider the Lawyer Referral Service operated by the Canadian Bar Association. The $25.00 fee may save you frustration and allow you to concentrate on what is pertinent to your defence.

Reference Link
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Truckers need Grief Counseling more than financing!
Truckstop Canada News:

As I stated much earlier in the still-continuing death spiral of used truck values, and here repeat with emphasis: There's hardly any trucking company, publicly or privately owned, properly recognizing these declining asset values (now, a Most Inconvenient Truth) by boosting their depreciation expense lines impacting income statements and balance sheets.
During the first five months of this year, and needing no help from the treacherously soft freight marketplace, the free-fall of used truck values alone fundamentally wiped out the tangible net worths expressed on the balance sheets of many small- and medium-sized trucking companies. We wonder what the IRS would say if this year truckers used these and other valid market statistics to record one-time expenses (aka, "marked to market" adjustments) so to report larger pre-tax losses and to recapture prior-paid Federal income taxes?
The implications here are many, and not one of them is pleasant, neither for truckers, nor shippers, nor lenders, nor new-truck manufacturers and dealers.
All this underscores another of my thoughts: At the moment truckers need Grief Counseling as much or more than they need financing alternatives.
Anyone following Commercial Vehicle Group, Freightliner – Daimler Trucks North America, Navistar, PACCAR, Volvo & Volvo Finance, CIT, Financial Federal Credit, GE Capital, Arkansas Best Corp., Celadon Group, Con-Way, Covenant Transportation, Knight Transportation, Marten Transport, Old Dominion Freight Line, P.A.M. Transportation, Rush Enterprises, Ryder System, Saia, Travel Centers of America, USA Truck or Werner Enterprises should keep this in mind.
And used truck values, will do nothing but fall faster and further when YRCW’s jumbo fleet eventually arrives at the down-hill auction yard to which it continues sliding!

Source: GLG

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Truck snags on mountain roadside wall
Truckstop Canada News:

Wyoming Department of Transportation employees Jim Thomas and Tory Teter talk with Lovell fire chief Jim Minchow and John Hyde, Big Horn County emergency management coordinator, at the site of a semi- truck roll-over Tuesday on U.S. Highway 14-A in the Big Horn Mountains. Tribune photo by Kara Bacon

Texas truck driver Otis Hall, 48, hadn’t intended to go up and over the Big Horn Mountains on U.S. 14-A with his full cargo of bagged soda ash.

He missed a turn at Casper, then chose the mountain route west, he told the Wyoming Highway Patrol. His unplanned mountain crossing came to a spectacularly bumpy end in his descent when the truck lost its brakes 25 miles east of Lovell Tuesday afternoon.

Hall escaped without serious injury, but the flatbed trailer and truck were not so fortunate. The trailer literally slid off the mountain, and the truck was only spared similar fate when the cab snagged the concrete jersey barrier at the side of the road. >>>>>>>
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USA: Rhode Island bans texting while at the wheel
Truckstop Canada News:

It now is illegal to read, type or send text messages while driving in Rhode Island.

Gov. Donald Carcieri has signed a bill into law adding the Ocean State to the bulging list of states to forbid text messaging while at the wheel. Previously S204, the new law took effect with the governor’s signature.

Those caught in the act of texting when driving could face up to $85 fines. Repeat offenders could face $100 fines while subsequent offenses could result in $125 fines.

Supporters say the ban will help make roads safer. Critics question how the police will be able to determine that a driver was texting and not dialing a phone number. Others say the law should have included an all-out ban on the use of cell phones while driving.>>>>

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USA: Owners Search for Driver, Semi
Truckstop Canada News:

CHARLESTON, Mo. - How could a semi-truck disappear into thin air? That's what authorities in southeast Missouri and Texas want to know.

The owner of a local trucking company says her truck driver vanished nine days ago along with the semi and the cargo inside.

That happened in Houston, Texas.

The trucker's family says he's since made contact, but the business owners say they're still out of luck.

"If he's out there please call us. We can work with him," Melissa Tatum said. But she says she and her husband can't work without their semi-truck.

Tatum says the driver loaded the truck in Chicago, Illinois and then headed for Houston.

"This particular truck had steaks in it, imported chocolates, corn dogs, Gummi bears," Tatum said.

She says the truck and trailer added up to about $ 60,000 in value.

"The freight was anywhere from about $250,000 on up. But he did get four drops off," she said.

Investigators with the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office entered information on the missing truck into a national police database.

The only sighting so far was at a truck stop Wednesday afternoon, but when Houston Police got there, they didn't see the truck.

Investigators say they are investigating the possibility the driver may have been involved in other similar instances.

Meanwhile, Tatum says she just wants to return to business as usual.

"It's the only way we provide for our family. We're just getting back into trucking business," Tatum said.

The missing trucker is from Tamms, Illinois. Investigators there still list him as missing, but his mother says she spoke to him Tuesday.

She says he had some personal issues, and is waiting for a bus ticket to come back home.

If you have any information on the truck or the trucker, call the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office.

from kfvs12
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Newcom keeps building Truck World seminar lineup
Truckstop Canada News: TORONTO -- The upcoming Truck World Show in Toronto is already chock full of informative business sessions, but that's hasn't stopped organizers from adding even more.

Newcom Business Media -- which not only owns and operates the official national trucks show, but also publishes this magazine and website -- announced that three more seminars have been scheduled. Ontario Apprenticeship: Information for Carriers has been added on Thursday, April 17, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm in Aviation Ballroom B. A second seminar on the same topic will take place on Saturday, April 19, from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.

For Friday, April 18, Newcom has added "Why Should You Support Women in Trucking?" from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Ellen Voie, executive director of the Women in Trucking Association, will speak about how women are a segment of the population that has been untapped in this industry.

Truck World takes place from April 17 to 19, 2008 at the International Centre in Toronto.

Courtesy of Today's Trucking
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OTA-CTA deliver tax gift for APU buyers
Truckstop Canada News:
TORONTO -- After months of lobbying by he Ontario Trucking Association, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has agreed to permit tax refunds for fuel used to run anti-idling devices, such as APUs.

According to OTA tax advisors, the wording of a recent CRA discussion document on the issue seemed to indicate that it would have been next to impossible for carriers to claim excise tax refunds for diesel fuel used to operate idling reduction equipment.

CRA's new policy should provide increased advantage
for carriers investing in these anti idling devices, says OTA The Canadian Trucking Alliance, with assistance from the Ontario Trucking Association and its tax advisors, worked with CRA to clarify the policy to ensure the mandate wouldn't be interpreted by policy makers to preclude any future refund claims from trucking fleets.

Following several weeks of discussion, a new policy statement was issued, which separates the refund treatment of fuel used to propel a vehicle from that used for services such a heating/air conditioning, says OTA.

The key aspect of the new policy is that if after subtracting from the total fuel used to propel the vehicle; more than 50 percent of diesel fuel used after subtracting the fuel used to propel a vehicle is used to generate power for heating/air conditioning, the carrier will receive a refund of 100 percent of the excise tax paid on all diesel fuel not used to propel the vehicle.

"Carriers who operate in-cab heaters and APUs have greatly reduced their non-propulsion fuel consumption. The 50 percent plateau should easily be attained," says Laskowski. "The new policy should provide increased advantage for carriers investing in these anti-idling devices."

CTA says it will now be working with the carrier community and manufacturers to lay the groundwork for a government document that will assist carriers in future refund claims and for non-propulsion claims where idling reduction equipment is not involved.

Courtesy of Today's Trucking
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Driver in stable condition following rollover
Truckstop Canada News:

The driver of a semi truck is in stable condition following a single vehicle rollover that closed the westbound lanes of Highway 1 for hours.

The semi, which was pulling a pup trailer at the time of the collision, lost control, rolled and landed across both lanes of the westbound Trans-Canada Highway. The crash occurred at about 2 p.m. Oct. 31, near Scott Lake Hill.

“Witnesses at the scene indicated that the vehicle seemed to lose control, and investigators are continuing to look into the incident,” said Cpl. Troy Savinkoff of Cochrane RCMP.

Savinkoff added that investigators would be considering factors such as load securement and environmental conditions.

The driver of the truck was transported by STARS Air Ambulance to hospital. As of press time, the driver remained in hospital, but was in stable condition.

With the westbound lanes blocked, traffic was re-routed to northbound Highway 22 and then westward on Highway 1A.

Cochrane RCMP, EMS and fire services attended the scene.

Source: Cochrane Eagle

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DriveSmartBC - Trucker's Top Five Concerns
Truckstop Canada News:
I asked a couple of transport truck drivers what bothered them about the drivers of small vehicles. We had a lively half hour discussion from which I gathered their top five concerns. Each of them could have serious consequences for everyone on the highway.

The first two concern sudden reductions in speed. The small vehicle driver will either pass the transport truck, pull in suddenly, and then slow down, or just slow suddenly without taking note of the truck behind. When you consider that a fully loaded truck with all the air brakes properly adjusted has only 50 to 65% of a small vehicles braking efficiency, you can guess how dangerous this move could be.

Passing over a double solid line when drivers are impatient with trucks forced to travel slowly is next. Often there is oncoming traffic and nowhere to go for all vehicles involved. The truckers would travel the speed limit on hills if they could, but they can’t so it would be best to wait for the proper place to pass.

On multi-laned roadway slow drivers that won’t keep to the right are frustrating. This situation isn’t limited to truck drivers either. People need to realize that even if they are traveling at the speed limit in the inside lane if someone faster approaches they must move to the outside lane.

The last situation is where drivers of small vehicles follow along directly beside heavy trucks. There is no law against this one, but it is not a good idea to do this with any vehicle. If either driver is required to make an emergency maneuver there is nowhere to move to. Pacing slightly ahead or behind is the preferred method.

Reference Links

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Tupelo-Based Company Applies New Standard in the Freight Industry
Truckstop Canada News:
Vector Transport opens up a whole new category for non-asset based transportation

TUPELO, Miss. (January 5, 2010)—When it comes to freight delivery, every shipper in the industry is aware that freight management could use a little more service. Understanding the need for relationship-building, prompt carrier payment, and guaranteed quality, Vector Transport has set out to differentiate itself, thereby opening up a new category of freight broker known as a Transport company.

Headquartered in Tupelo, Vector has developed a new business model for both shippers and carriers. Some of the major Vector differentiators include a 3-Point Certification Program that every carrier must undergo to be designated worthy to haul for a Vector shipping client, a $100,000 TIA Performance Certified Surety Bond (ten times the industry standard), and guaranteed 14-day payment to carriers.

“Having experience as both shipper and carrier, I knew the level of service could be improved,” said Vector President Joe Estess. “With Vector Transport, we set out to develop a new business model with an emphasis on long-term relationships, guaranteed shipper and carrier quality, and of course, 14-day carrier payment, which retains the very best carriers in North America. We don’t just ship loads for our customers. We protect their livelihoods with every shipment. We apply our experience, advanced shipping sense, with shippers so they can better plan their loads on a monthly or quarterly basis and save time, which is critical for every manufacturer or distributor today.”

The management team at Vector also went on to say that with the new Transport category of freight management, shippers and carriers can now work together in the most productive and mutually beneficial ways.

About Vector

Located in Tupelo, Mississippi, Vector Transport is a freight transport company that sets a new standard in shipping. Leading manufacturers, meat processors, food suppliers, and others count on Vector for reliable, smart service across North America, with 24-hour call center availability. Experienced carriers trust Vector for fair deals and prompt payment. Since 1990, Vector has been “In Motion. On Track.”

Contact: Joey Barker

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Tighter border nabs drug runners
Truckstop Canada News:
U.S. data show fourfold increase in marijuana seized after changes made to catch terrorists


A photo released by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in 2005 shows the inside of a 110-metre tunnel between two buildings across the U.S.-Canada border near Vancouver. The tunnel was used for drug running.


WASHINGTON–The hardening of the Canada-U.S. border appears to be yielding early results against crime, including a fourfold increase in marijuana seizures, according to new U.S. data obtained by the Star.

U.S. border officials say increased enforcement, improved cross-border police cooperation and a trove of newly deployed technology, including the mobilization of unmanned aerial drones, are behind the gains.

U.S. authorities seized 17,915 kilos of Canadian-grown marijuana during the year ending Sept. 30, compared to 4,325 kilos the previous year, according to figures to be released Friday by the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) branch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

But the number of people caught illegally entering the U.S. from Canada actually fell over the same period, with 6,806 apprehensions in fiscal year 2009 compared to 7,925 in 2008, U.S. officials said.>>>>>>>>

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Trucker Buddy drivers needed
Truckstop Canada News:

The Trucker Buddy program needs a few good men and women, quite a few in fact. Since 1992, Trucker Buddy has been matching truckers with classrooms in schools across the country. 

“We’re seeing an amazing level of growth in terms of teachers interested in this program – the number has at least doubled, if not tripled, in a matter of weeks. And that’s a great opportunity for trucking,” said Mark Reddig, Trucker Buddy board member and host of OOIDA’s Sirius XM satellite radio show, Land Line Now.

“This program is absolutely key to improving the image of truck drivers with the general public. Getting to kids at an early age with a positive image of truckers – and getting that same message across to their parents – not only helps us now, it will help us make this a better world for truckers 20 years down the road.”>>>>>>>

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Semi truckers are the worst
Truckstop Canada News:
I drive back and forth between Marysville and Lynnwood every day on I-5. This is not what you would call a long commute. While driving northbound in the afternoon, I have experienced intimidating drivers that are more often than not from Canada. These drivers are in semi-trucks. They will get right up on your bumper like you have no right to be in the lane they are traveling in. I have had them flash their lights at me without stopping.

I am not a slow driver and I try to give the truck drivers a break every chance I get, but these drivers are pushing the limit. Just one time I would like to see a state trooper pull over one of these drivers.

Is it not a law that you move left to pass? Why do you see trucks in the hammer lane? That is a no-no, yet they do it all the time. I understand time schedules and fuel costs and products to market, but what about the safety of other drivers?

Source: Heraldnet

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USA : Diesel prices expected to rise to nearly $3 in 2010
Truckstop Canada News:

The U.S. Energy Information Administration is reporting that the price for diesel fuel is projected to rise 46 cents from the previous year’s average of $2.48 to around $2.94 per gallon for 2010.

This average for 2010 is up 16 cents from last month’s projected price of $2.78, according to the EIA’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook.

Diesel will average around $2.79 in the fourth quarter of this year, which is up 19 cents from its projected average price a month ago.

The EIA has also raised its projected price for crude oil by $7 per barrel to an average of $77 for this month. Crude oil is expected to reach $81 per barrel by December 2010, according to the EIA’s report.

Higher heating oil costs are expected for the winter months from October to March based on increased crude oil prices. They are expected to rise approximately $76 from the previous year’s average of $1,864 to $1,940 in 2010.

Courtesy of LandLine Magazine
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Corporate takes on green test
Truckstop Canada News:
BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- Corporate Express US and Isuzu Commercial Truck of America are taking their partnership to a new level with the testing of a prototype diesel hybrid-electric delivery truck.

The majority of Corporate Express US' trucks are from Isuzu, who has been the company's long-time trucking partner since 1992.

Corporate Express US, part of the Dutch-based Corporate Express NV, announced it will be one of the first companies in North America to pilot the prototype hybrid from Isuzu. Corporate Express' pilot of this innovative vehicle marks the company's first step towards adding Isuzu hybrid-electric vehicles to its U.S. delivery fleet, with the goals of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

"As a pure business-to-business company, our distribution operations are a primary focus as we work to reduce our carbon footprint," said Jay Mutschler, president of Corporate Express US. "We approached Isuzu about a diesel hybrid-electric vehicle last year, and we are extremely pleased that our partnership with them is enhanced with a pilot of this terrific emerging technology here in the US."

Isuzu is working with Enova Systems to retrofit the Isuzu truck prototype with their HybridPower drive system -- a turnkey system that combines an enhanced electric motor and electronic controls to help power the vehicle. There are numerous other Isuzu diesel-electric hybrid programs including a large-scale commercial program in Japan to provide cleaner vehicles in an urban environment.

This move is part of Corporate Express' overall plans to reduce environmental impact through goals for facilities, distribution operations, sustainable forestry, environmentally sustainable products and social responsibility.

Corporate Express expects to receive the prototype vehicle in April 2008 in Los Angeles.

Courtesy of Today's Trucking
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Border traffic symptom of slowing economy: OTA
Truckstop Canada News:
TORONTO -- Cross-border truck trips between Ontario and the U.S. have fallen to the lowest level in a decade.

Bridge and Tunnel Operator's Association, there were 8,049,136 truck trips across the Ontario-US border in 2007, down from 8,267,931 trips in 2006, a decrease of 2.6 percent and the lowest level since 1998. That's 72,000 trips less than 2001, when the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 brought border traffic to a standstill for the fourth quarter of the year.

Ontario Trucking Association President David Bradley said the numbers are "clear and unequivocal evidence of the extent to which Ontario's export based economy has been battered by the combination of a high dollar, high fuel costs, the ever-increasing thickening of the border, and slackening U.S. demand."

Even Sept. 11 couldn't slow down cross border truck
trips as much as the industry experienced in 2007. "Trucking activity is a leading economic indicator, and these numbers should be a wake up call to governments at all levels that there is a very real need for them to act now to help Ontario's economy cope with the challenges currently confronting it," Bradley said.

As a remedy, Bradley called on the Bank of Canada to aggressively reduce interest rates in Canada in order to spur economic growth and to moderate the value of the dollar.

Also, despite the investment of millions of dollars trucking carriers have made in new security measures supposedly designed to facilitate legitimate trade, "wait times at the border have not come down, and in many cases we are still subject to frequent, long delays."

Bradley said he's also frustrated by the delays in selecting the location for a new international bridge at the Windsor-Detroit gateway. "We need better infrastructure and we need governments on both sides of the border to get serious about coordinating, harmonizing and improving the delivery of border security programs so that both security and trade facilitation goals are met," he said.

However, the numbers could embolden opponents of a new bridge. The owners of the privately owned Ambassador Bridge, for example, have been arguing that a second crossing downriver is unnecessary and a new twin span being constructed by the company would have enough capacity to handle future traffic projections.

Bradley points out that Ontario's manufacturing and retail sectors are calling for more productive trucks, such as long combination vehicles, presently utilized in most other Canadian provinces and about half the US states. "If Ontario, indeed if North America is going to compete with the emerging economies, we are not going to do it by lowering wages to third world levels. We're going to have to be smarter," Bradley concluded.

Courtesy of Today's Trucking
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Eaton launches first hybrid bus fleet in China
Truckstop Canada News:
GUANGZHOU, China -- The first commercially available hybrid power system in China was introduced by North American components manufacturer Eaton Corp and Beiqi Foton Bus Company this week.
The joint hybrid
 system will be deployed in 30 city buses for Guangzhou Yiqi Bus.

Eaton is a leading provider of diesel-electric hybrid power systems in the United States for truck and bus applications and is also pioneering hydraulic hybrid power systems technologies for use in refuse trucks, delivery vehicles, buses and other applications.

The Chinese buses will be deployed to carry passengers, with an expected fuel savings of up to 27 percent, along with similar reductions in particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Kevin Beaty, leader of the hybrid power business unit in Eaton’s Truck Group, said delivery is "a significant milestone for Eaton in placement of hybrid power in China. Vehicle makers, fleets and users in China are working hard to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases in their cities, and we are excited about being involved," he said.

Courtesy of Today's Trucking
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