Santa’s sleigh is a Lexus?

NORTH POLE, Canada – The luxury automakers at Lexus are taking a tongue-and-cheek journey into the world of freight – releasing a concept vehicle in the form of Santa’s sleigh.

The Lexus HX Sleigh Concept was designed by Takumi elves, the company says in a seasonal press release distributed today.

The “endless” cargo space delivers billions of toys, while a “Climate Concierge with Neck Warmer” would comfort Santa at altitudes of 60,000 feet, and a touch screen with Embedded Air Traffic Control helps with navigation.

“I’m a simple man, but the ol’ sleigh has been looking a bit less refined than it used to,” Santa is quoted to say in the release. “It was time for me to upgrade my capabilities to help deliver toys to all the children on my nice list more efficiently, so the Lexus HX Sleigh Concept couldn’t have come at a better time. Mrs. Claus is excited to drive it, too!”

“It’ll been great having some more help around the holidays,” said Rudolph, director – reindeer resources, noting that the hybrid electric technology and “All-Reindeer Drive” would support the job.

Today’s Trucking was unable to independently verify the quotes.

The sleigh is designed to run on 100% holiday spirit, the automaker says.