U.S. FAST centers reopen, Canadian sites remain closed

Free and Secure Trade (FAST) enrolment centers located in the U.S. will reopen on Nov. 29, although those in Canada remain closed until further notice.

Conditionally approved applicants can now schedule interviews at the U.S. locations, using the Trusted Traveler portal. Those who enter the U.S. to complete the interviews must meet all applicable travel requirements.

“CBP asks all applicants to be patient with the system as there is a large backlog of applications to be processed by a limited number of open enrolment centres,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a related notice. “In order to prioritize new applicants needing interviews, CBP is asking existing NEXUS and FAST members to refrain from booking an appointment at this time.”

Still, existing members are being encouraged to renew their status before the expiry dates on cards, so they can maintain membership privileges until interviews are completed.