Brampton, Ont. seniors to ride city transit for free beginning Feb. 28

Seniors in Brampton, Ont., will be able to ride transit in the city for free beginning at the end of February.

In a press release Monday, the city said beginning Feb. 28, senior residents can ride Brampton Transit for free with a Brampton Senior Identification Card and a PRESTO card loaded with an annual free pass.

According to the release, the annual free pass will allow Brampton seniors unlimited travel at no cost on the city’s transit system.

“Brampton Transit will no longer sell the $15 senior resident monthly pass or offer the $1 senior resident cash fare,” the release reads.

“All non-resident seniors can continue to use their PRESTO cards and pay the senior e-purse fare at $1.60.”

The city said Brampton Transit is “committed to providing affordable and sustainable transportation.”

Those looking to get a Senior Identification Card, or who may be seeking more information on eligibility, can visit the Brampton Transit website, or call 905-874-5120.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said the city is “proud” to launch the free transit program for seniors.

“This is a milestone in transit affordability and caring for our senior residents,” he said. “Brampton is a Green City, and as part of our 2040 Plan we’re committed to providing efficient, affordable and sustainable transit through our Brampton Transit network.”