FBCL Announces Toll Rate Change at the Blue Water Bridge

FBCL Announces Toll Rate Change at the Blue Water Bridge

POINT EDWARD, Ontario, March 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) is facing increased costs to maintain and operate critical international bridge infrastructure. It has substantial reduced revenue due to the slow recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2020, the FBCL has depleted its reserves maintaining cross-border bridge access for critical goods while continuing to provide a safe and secure crossing for all bridge users.

The FBCL must fund the repairs and capital projects necessary to maintain Canada’s trade and travel routes with the United States. The FBCL has, during this difficult period, managed its assets effectively to ensure the continuity of operations while maintaining debt payments and deferring non-critical expenses.

As the FBCL obtains the majority of its revenues from tolls to use the crossing, it must adjust the toll rates to fund future works.

Looking forward, the single most important strategic priority facing the FBCL is its financial continuity. Consult the Corporate Plan Summary 2022–2027 to find out more about the FBCL’s commitment to providing the highest level of stewardship so that the Blue Water Bridge and its associated structures are safe and efficient for users.

Cost Savings With ConneXion

The FBCL continues to encourage travellers to take advantage of the ease, speed and cost savings provided by the contactless ConneXion prepaid toll program. Even for travellers using the bridge occasionally, the ConneXion rates represent a cost saving.

The FBCL has eased the ConneXion account registration through:

  • a reduced initial account deposit from $50 to $20;
  • improved online account management tools; and
  • a mobile application available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

In addition to discounted crossings, ConneXion gives travellers access to the convenience of expedited, automated tolling in all lanes. To register for ConneXion, visit federalbridge.ca/conneXion/ .

ConneXion customers may choose to link their tag(s) to the Edge Pass account system operated by the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Rates Effective April 1, 2023

The FBCL is adjusting toll rates at the Blue Water Bridge for the USA bound traffic, effective April 1, 2023. The FBCL last adjusted Canadian toll rates in April 2021. The rates are indicated in the tables below with corresponding equivalency in U.S. currency.

EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2023ConneXion Prepaid RateCash/Debit/Credit RateU.S. Currency
Passenger Vehicle$4.50$6.00$4.25
Extra Axle$4.50$6.00$4.25
Commercial per Axle*$4.75$6.00$4.25


  • All fees listed are in addition to base toll rates
  • Wide loads over 5.28 metres (17 feet 4 inches) in width are not permitted
  • Oversized loads will be allowed to cross only when traffic permits
  • Must call 519-336-2720 ext. 1 to schedule crossing at least 24 hours prior to arriving at the bridge

Rates at Blue Water Bridge are reviewed semi-annually and the next toll rate and U.S. equivalency review is scheduled for October 1, 2023. This toll rate policy is aligned with other international crossings, where tolls are reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, based on economic needs and the value of the exchange rate, on a regular basis.

For detailed toll rates, visit the Blue Water Bridge Toll Rates page on our website at federalbridge.ca .

FBCL owns, manages and operates international bridges and associated structures in Sault Ste. Marie, Point Edward, Lansdowne (Thousand Islands) and Cornwall, Ontario. FBCL’s mandate is to provide the highest level of stewardship so that its international bridges and associated structures are safe and efficient for users.

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