Saskatchewan employs HoS exemption for Covid-19 relief

REGINA, Sask. – Saskatchewan is the latest province to implement an hours-of-service (HoS) exemption to truck drivers transporting Covid-19 essential items.

Announced today, the provincial government said the modification to its HoS regulations for commercial truck drivers applies to those transporting goods and supplies to the meet immediate needs related to Covid-19.

The items that fall under the exemption are the same as those included within other provinces and in the U.S. where similar HoS exemptions have been employed.

Items include but are not limited to medical supplies and equipment, food, sanitation and safety supplies, paper products, fuel, and people needed to provide medical or emergency services.

Drivers in Saskatchewan must maintain their daily logs, and carriers are recommended to continue tracking their drivers’ operation.

In addition to monitoring their own ability to drive, drivers are asked to practice proactive hygiene, social distancing, and self-isolation should they show any symptoms of Covid-19.

Driver are also required to take adequate measures to get rest, including the recommendation to take a break of 24 hours after 14 continuous days of work.

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