Family holds graduation convoy for son

MONTAGUE, P.E.I. – How do you celebrate a high school graduation when everything is closed because of Covid-19?

Well, a family of truckers in P. E. I. has pulled off a spectacular ceremony for their son by staging a parade of rigs Sunday.

I wanted to do something just to make it special for Alexander (Mallard),” his mother Tracy Campbell told Today’s Trucking.

She said both of Alexander’s grandfathers have been in trucking, his father is a truck driver, and both of his uncles drove trucks.

Alexander with his parents. Photo: Tracy Campbell

“And, it is his goal to own a trucking company at some point. Everyone knows that” said Campbell.

The 17-year-old had also done summer jobs at trucking companies.

So, his parents knew what to do to mark the occasion.

“His father and I talked about this, and we both contacted some people we hoped might be able to come,” Campbell said.

“And it spread. Our goal was 10 to 15 trucks and we got 42 in a convoy led by his dad, Colin Mallard.”

Campbell said even the truck drivers were surprised that so many showed up, and Alexander was shocked.

“He was totally blown away. Quite a graduation ceremony. One that he will never forget.”

Graduation Convoy
Even the cake was truck-themed. Photo: Tracy Campbell

Alexander wants to pursue a diesel mechanic’s course at the New Brunswick Community College in September.

As for now, he is working at Morley Annear, a trucking company in his hometown of Montague.

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